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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Yesterday Maayan went to the doctor for her 9 month checkup. Before her appointments Ari and I usually make a bet on how much Maayan is going to weigh and how tall she is. Well, we both lost this one. She is 14 pounds, 6 oz. and 25 inches. Both are the 3rd percentile! The nurse who weighed her told me her 2 month old son weighs the same thing. The doctor said everything was fine and some kids are just “petite”. Unfortunately, they had to take blood for a lead test and they do it from the finger which was not fun at all and since her fingers are so small it took even longer. However, Maayan loved the band aid they put on, she was very interested in it and spent a few minutes examining it, it was pretty funny.

Thankfully the weather has been nice the past few days and we have taken some nice long walks. This morning we had music class which made Maayan really happy and then she fell asleep on the way home and has been sleeping since in her stroller (which is why I have time to post now). That’s about it for now. Enjoy the pictures!

"stop taking pictures of me and take me out please"

this was "nap time"

just relaxin'

so smiley

Maayan enjoying the tub

Monday, May 15, 2006

Relaxin' on a neighborhood stroll

My beautiful flowers- Thanks Ari and Maayan!

See, Maayan does smile when other people hold her!

Maayan wore her "I Love Mommy" shirt in honor of Mother's Day

Hey, how did I get up here?!

Noam and Breanna patiently waiting for the cake to be cut

Shai was very excited for Brenna's birthday cake!

Maayan's first time eating Chicken...yummmm

Last week Maayan started eating more solid foods. She’s had bread, pasta, peas, chicken, bananas, tomatoes, and cheese. Of course she has loved them all! We think that besides eating food, she likes the activity of shoveling food into her mouth. It’s very cute to watch. Maayan has also started to crawl a little bit. She seems to do it the most when she’s mad or if she really wants to come to Ari or me, I guess she’s a bit lazy.

On Friday, Ari & Maayan bought me really nice flowers in honor of Mother’s Day (an upgrade from the normal Shabbos flowers). Friday night was quiet since Maayan goes to sleep by the time shabbos starts. On Shabbos day we were very busy- we went to shul, went to Lyat’s for lunch, stopped by Dov and Arielle’s to say hi, went to the park, went to Rona and Ira’s and came home a little before 8 in time for Maayan to go to sleep.

Sunday we went to Jeff and Nancy’s to celebrate Mother’s Day and our cousin Brenna’s 5th Birthday. We all had a good time and Maayan was well behaved in honor of Mother’s Day (at least most of the day).

Today the weather was really gross until late afternoon so we had a lazy day. We ended up going for a walk around 4. Nothing else exciting to report. Good Night!

Sunday, May 07, 2006

These pictures are not as easy to get as they used to be...

Maayan was very excited that Ari put together her exersaucer

YAY! More food!

Look at those legs!

My parents like when I'm wearing short sleeves b/c its easier to tickle me

How cute is this outfit?!

I am always happy when I'm eating!

I know it’s been a week already. Here are some of the things that have happened this past week:

Maayan has gotten really good at balancing herself on the leapfrog table. She can stand there for a good 15 minutes without falling- pretty impressive. The other day she even held onto the table and pulled herself up from sitting on the floor.

Since the weather has been really nice we’ve taken a lot of long walks around the neighborhood and a few trips to the park. Maayan isn’t a huge fan of the swings but she really likes to watch the older kids run around so we sit on the bench and she’s just happy looking around.

When I went to get Maayan on Friday morning (her 9 month birthday) I was surprised to see her standing in her crib waiting for me (I’m really happy that Ari moved the crib mattress down before pesach). She looked like such a big kid! Since it was so hot on Friday Maayan got to wear shorts for the first time and she looked really cute (see above pics). I guess she isn’t used to seeing her bare legs because she kept investigating her legs-it was funny to watch.

Sorry I don’t have much to write- enjoy the pictures!

Monday, May 01, 2006

Here are my teeth...

Enjoying a beautiful day in the park

Since I updated the blog last Maayan has gotten much better at eating cheerios! She now picks them up off the tray herself and almost always gets them in her mouth- we will have to take a video to share- its pretty funny. She really loves them and I think we should consider buying stock in General Mills.

Here are some highlights from the past few days:

Last Thursday, we had our babysitter, Alli come over for a few hours so I could get some stuff done and Maayan can get used to being with other people. Alli took Maayan for a long walk and then they went to the park. The report was that she was happy most of the time so we are making progress.

Shabbos was nice. We all went to shul and then ate lunch at Rona and Ira’s. In the afternoon we picked up Dov and Arielle to go to the park to see the huge scene! Saturday night Rona and Ira babysat so Ari and I could go out- it was nice to get out and the babysitters are cheap!

Today Maayan woke up at 4:45! She seems to be getting up earlier and earlier everyday. After deciding to feed her I put her back in her crib and she only cried for a few minutes and then slept until a little after 7. Ari and I think she might be getting up so early b/c she’s hungry so today she ate almost twice as much baby food then she has been and we will see what happens tomorrow! This afternoon, Maayan and I went to see 2 apartments in Riverdale (a follow up from our trip yesterday which wasn’t so successful). One of the apts. I saw today is a possibility so hopefully Ari will be able to see it at some point this week. Luckily Maayan slept for most of the trip and only got upset on the way home. Since naps haven’t been great Maayan was really tired tonight and got really cranky around bath time- after being in the tub for a few minutes she decided to pull herself up and basically stand to escape. While I’m impressed that she can do it, its really annoying- especially since I wasn’t done washing her off. I miss the days when she used to sit for 15 minutes happily in the tub playing with her toys. That’s about it for today. Have a good night!