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Thursday, March 30, 2006

Doesn't Maayan look like a giant next to Michal?!

Michal's first shopping trip

Moshe singing "rock-a-bye baby" to Michal

Meira enjoying the great weather

Maayan and Moshe played so nicely together (most of the time)

Maayan thinks that Michal is a toy


Isn't she cute?!

Ari meeting Michal

I know its been longer than I said but we have had a busy few days. Sunday monrning we got all ready and packed up the zipcar to go meet our new niece/cousin Michal. Maayan was really good and slept the first half of the ride. We stopped a little past the halfway point at an outlet mall so we could stretch and Maayan could eat (the shopping was an added bonus). It was probably the smallest outlet mall I've ever seen but we did pretty well. Ari got a few ties and a shirt and Maayan got a winter coat (for next year)at LL Bean which retails for $55 and we got for $10. Michal also benefited from out trip- she got a matching coat and a very cute and tiny bathing suit. The rest of the ride was fine and we made pretty good timing. When we got to Lisa and Nafi's Maayan was sleeping and Moshe wasn't very happy about this since he was looking forward to seeing her. Her nap didn't last too long and everyone got to play. As you will see in the pictures Maayan really enjoyed playing with Meira and Moshe (and their toys)! On Monday I took Moshe to school which was really cute. He was very excited to show me his classroom and ran to play with his friends but he did come back to give me a hug when I left and Lisa tells me thats a big deal so I guess that means he like me. Ari spent a lot of Monday setting up Lisa and Nafi's new computer. When Meira came home from school we went to play outside and Maayan went in the baby swing she seemed to like it a little better than last time so we are making progress.

Tuesday Ari left really, really early to go to a meeting and Lisa, Moshe, Michal, Maayan and I went to Target. Maayan got a few really cute outfits for the summer and while we were there Ari called to tell me that his meeting ended early so when we got back to Lisa's I quickly threw the rest of our stuff together and we went to get Ari on the way home. The drive was a little longer than expected and Maayan had a few moments that weren't great but once we got Ari she was much happier.

Today is a beautiful day so Maaayan and I took a long walk and now shes being a good girl and taking her 3rd nap of the day so I have time to post. I think thats about it from here. Enjoy the pictures!

Thursday, March 23, 2006

When we started this blog everyone seemed pleased with weekly updates. However, since Arica (who until a week ago we thought didn't have a camera) has something exciting to say on her blog EVERYDAY I'm starting to look bad. SO, I will make an effort to write a little something everyday or two (**please note that I'm not promising everyday)about what Maayan has been doing....Today began like most days recently at 6am! Not as bad as the days that started at 5:30 but I never thought I'd say this- I miss the days that started at 6:30! After Maayan ate she happily played/ watched Baby Bach all by herself while I watched her from the couch which is really nice in the mornings. After watching a little too much of Baby Bach and Baby Mozart we introduced Maayan to Baby Nepture which is now the favorite in the house. I think we must have watched it a half a dozen times today (the repeat play is a great invention). Today was a new food day for Maayan and she had an apricot/apple/pear mix which she loved (and I thought was pretty good too- I always try her food b/c I'm curious if its good or not). The other day we started palying "patty cake" after she eats and she has gotten really good at it! When I start to sing it she puts her hands up for me to tap, its really cute! Since today wasn't a great nap day Maayan was so tired and was in her crib sleeping by 7. I think thats about it for today, I hope this has made a few people happier. Sorry there aren't any pictures but I'll try to post some over the weekend.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Can you tell I just ate? Look at my big tummy!

YAY for me- I love to clap!

...I'm just going to lick the bowl to make my Mommy's dishwashing job easier- I'm so nice!"

"Yes! I finally got the bowl away from Mommy...

You might notice that there is a theme to where many of my pictures are taken- I LOVE to be in my highchair!

Sunday, March 19, 2006

We took a video of Maayan applauding a great meal of Pears and Oatmeal, but it was difficult to post to the blog. If you would like to see the video, please email us and we will share it with you.

-Lanie and Ari

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Nothing follows a good meal like a pair of yummy fingers...mmm, Dessert!

I had a GREAT time in Music Together this semester, thank you Alicia! My mommy and I are really looking forward to the next semester! (Isn't my new windbreaker so stylin'?)

My close friends call me toothy.

My Mommy Loves hoods, and so do I. I'll just leave my pacifier there for easy access later.

Hapiness is...being naked before my bath.

Purim Sameach! My very first Purim Costume. The Green Giant apologizes that he couldn't be here for the picture.

I am SO cute!

...speaking of Raphaela...look at that outfit, and all those bubbles!

mmmmm...this rattle from my playgroup friend, Raphaela's birthday party really tastes good.


Oh hello. I was just playing with some of my toys, would you like to join?

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

eskimo kiss

tickle, tickle

Maayan was so happy to be outside!

I love to sing while I play with my toys

So many fun toys to play with