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Monday, May 01, 2006

Since I updated the blog last Maayan has gotten much better at eating cheerios! She now picks them up off the tray herself and almost always gets them in her mouth- we will have to take a video to share- its pretty funny. She really loves them and I think we should consider buying stock in General Mills.

Here are some highlights from the past few days:

Last Thursday, we had our babysitter, Alli come over for a few hours so I could get some stuff done and Maayan can get used to being with other people. Alli took Maayan for a long walk and then they went to the park. The report was that she was happy most of the time so we are making progress.

Shabbos was nice. We all went to shul and then ate lunch at Rona and Ira’s. In the afternoon we picked up Dov and Arielle to go to the park to see the huge scene! Saturday night Rona and Ira babysat so Ari and I could go out- it was nice to get out and the babysitters are cheap!

Today Maayan woke up at 4:45! She seems to be getting up earlier and earlier everyday. After deciding to feed her I put her back in her crib and she only cried for a few minutes and then slept until a little after 7. Ari and I think she might be getting up so early b/c she’s hungry so today she ate almost twice as much baby food then she has been and we will see what happens tomorrow! This afternoon, Maayan and I went to see 2 apartments in Riverdale (a follow up from our trip yesterday which wasn’t so successful). One of the apts. I saw today is a possibility so hopefully Ari will be able to see it at some point this week. Luckily Maayan slept for most of the trip and only got upset on the way home. Since naps haven’t been great Maayan was really tired tonight and got really cranky around bath time- after being in the tub for a few minutes she decided to pull herself up and basically stand to escape. While I’m impressed that she can do it, its really annoying- especially since I wasn’t done washing her off. I miss the days when she used to sit for 15 minutes happily in the tub playing with her toys. That’s about it for today. Have a good night!


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