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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Quite a long break

Since its been a REALLY long time since Ive updated the blog, I thought it was about time. There is no way that I'll be able to recap a half of a year but here are some random pictures since my last post so that when Maayan sees this when shes older she doesnt think we neglected her.

Maayan starts sleeping in a bed

The Balsams come for a visit

"Little Teenager"

Bowling for the first time


Half b-day party at school

Princess for Purim

Yesterday we had parent teacher conferences for Maayan. What I thought was the funniest thing: She likes to announce her arrival (which I can totally picture and is probably why she likes to be late, so she will have an audience). Her teachers also said she plays well with others and is often the leader (but isnt bossy so thats good). She has a very good vocabulary and the speech therapist who comes to evaluate every week says that she doesnt need therapy even though she is difficult to understand at times, it is normal for her age. One thing we were really surprised by was that she and some other kids play some sort of pretend taking care of dogs/cats- we thought this was weird since she is terrified of dogs! We will see one coming down the street and she will jump to the other side and hold on to one of us since the thinks "its going to try to eat [her]". -Maybe this is her way of trying to get over it?

Here is a funny conversation that Maayan and I had this morning in the car on the way to school:

Maayan: I think we are going to have a boy baby and a girl baby.
me: The doctor told me that its only going to be one baby (we've had this conversation before)
Maayan: Why?
me: Because thats what Hashem wanted to give us
Maayan: But I want to have 3 babies
me: Most people dont get 3 babies at one time, they are a lot of work to take care of
Maayan: But I can watch one, Abba can watch one and you can watch one!
me: thats very nice but we are only going to have one baby now
Maayan: Actually, I only want two
me: Two babies make a lot of noise (knowing she doesnt like noise)
Maayan: Its ok, Ill just cover my ears when its noisy
I just hope that after the baby comes she doesnt say, "Actually, I dont want one at all" since she was able to change from wanting 3 to 2 pretty quickly!

Hopefully the next post will come much faster than this one did!