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Monday, May 15, 2006

Last week Maayan started eating more solid foods. She’s had bread, pasta, peas, chicken, bananas, tomatoes, and cheese. Of course she has loved them all! We think that besides eating food, she likes the activity of shoveling food into her mouth. It’s very cute to watch. Maayan has also started to crawl a little bit. She seems to do it the most when she’s mad or if she really wants to come to Ari or me, I guess she’s a bit lazy.

On Friday, Ari & Maayan bought me really nice flowers in honor of Mother’s Day (an upgrade from the normal Shabbos flowers). Friday night was quiet since Maayan goes to sleep by the time shabbos starts. On Shabbos day we were very busy- we went to shul, went to Lyat’s for lunch, stopped by Dov and Arielle’s to say hi, went to the park, went to Rona and Ira’s and came home a little before 8 in time for Maayan to go to sleep.

Sunday we went to Jeff and Nancy’s to celebrate Mother’s Day and our cousin Brenna’s 5th Birthday. We all had a good time and Maayan was well behaved in honor of Mother’s Day (at least most of the day).

Today the weather was really gross until late afternoon so we had a lazy day. We ended up going for a walk around 4. Nothing else exciting to report. Good Night!


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