blo l Lanie and Ari Kellman's Webspace: September 2005

Sunday, September 25, 2005


Abba, I have a question...

oh so peaceful....


I love the dreams when I win...yay Maayan!

so very yummy

he he he he

harty har har...

Quality crib time (the rest of my crib set is finally ready, now all my parents have to do is pick it up!)

Friday, September 23, 2005

More pictures to come on Saturday night or Sunday. We know y'all can't wait!!! And the next monthly update is right around the corner, so stay tuned.

-The Parents

Ah! Hapiness is being in Mommy's arms, all clean in my new robe...Good Shabbos!

Why'd you put me down? Stop using me for your silly blog!

Thanks Luanne for this Super-Cute Duckie robe!

Maybe one day, the rest of my sheet set will come and this will look less like a prison. Look how small I am!

ummm, don't know what to say here

smiling! in my first picture of many


la cuca racha, la cuca racha...

Sunday, September 18, 2005

Thank you Mommy and Abba for getting me this new take-along swing by Fischer Price (Paid Endorsement). And thank you Lilly Schneider for the great idea!

pretty in pink

Ok, all this baseball is tiring me out, when is Hockey going to start already???

Darn the Yankees are winning! :-(

sittin' back watching the Yankee game. Yup, Maayan is in the picture, think Where's Waldo

Abba may be having a little too much fun :-)

I'm so Glad that Sabba came to visit!

Do re mi fa so la ti do!


How cute am I?

Ok Mommy, I'm ready to eat...

I can do that one eye crossed trick that Abba does.

Mommy, Mommy, look over there!

just waking up

early morning stretch

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Cousin Shai having an even better time now that food is on its way!

Sabba, Lanie and Maayan

Bubbie giving Lanie the blanket she made for Maayan

Cousin Shai enjoying the party

Sunday, September 11, 2005

I just received a whole bunch of new pictures from the Simchat Bat, but I am too tired now to post them. I will get some of them up this week. Keep checking back for more!

-Ari and Lanie

Another hard day of shopping, when will my parents just let me be?!

What is that on the screen? Are those pictures of me???

work, work, work, that's all I ever do. Just pounding out those emails...

I can't stand it when my laptop stops working...

I'm almost all set, Football is on the TV, I have my favorite spot on the couch, all I need is an ice cold bottle in my hand, and I'll be good to go!


Due to some complaints we received about the complexity of the comment process, I made it simpler. Just choose the Anonymous choice so that you don't have to sign up for a blog. I apologize for the word verification, but it keeps spam away. It is really easy, so comment away!!!!

-The parents

Baths are a very serious matter.

I love my Mommy and Abba T-H-I-S much for bathing me

Abba has the most comfortable shoulder ever!

I won? I won? Wow, I'm so surprised! I would like to thank my parents . . .

Abba, what's that noise I hear coming from your stomach?

Look at me, on my gymini

Monday, September 05, 2005

Oooh, look where I'm sleeping. I'm such a good little girl :-)

What a LONG day....time for sleep...