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Thursday, September 21, 2006

...Honey. Shana Tovah!

Apples dipped in....

Resting after a few rough nights

At least she cleans up after herself

Oops, someone made a mess

Breakfast is served

Insert your own inspirational caption here

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Maayan and Dani exploring in the park

A late 13 month old sign

Maayan's first ride in the car forward-facing

Doesn't she look so old?

Enjoying the great weather last week


The birthday hat that Maayan wore for a about 2 seconds

showing off her walking skills for the guests

Maayan even shared her toys with Sara

Maayan, Lilly and Dani playing at the party

Giving some toys a ride (do you see a pattern forming?!)

Giving her empty bottle a ride

A fun day at the park

Not only does Maayan shop, she unloads the groceries too!

"Hey, all the stuff in this store is bigger than me!"

Maayan pushing the cart at costco (she is very strong and at times insisted on taking my hands off the cart!)

Maayan's 1st Birthday Party!

I know Im really behind with the posts but Im going to attempt to catch up by starting with the birthday party/housewarming party we had on Labor Day. Maayan was well behaved and played really well with all of her little friends who came to help celebrate. Thanks to all our family and friends who were able to come- we had a great time!
Because of Maayan's allergies to milk and soy it wasn't easy to find a cake recipe but Rona found one on Epicurious with some interesting ingredients (vinegar?!) but it was very good. The cake was a joint effort- Ari baked it and I decorated it with my many supplies. A few years back Arica and I took a cake decorating class at Michael's and I have a whole box full of supplies which I haven't used in a while. After spending a really long time on the cake I remembered why- its very time consuming! It wasnt perfect but it was cute. Although she wasnt so messy we took the required picture of Maayan with chocolate cake on her face.

What Maayan has been up to:

Since we posted the video of Maayan walking a little while back she has gotten really good. She is much faster and her balance has gotten much better. Most days I rarely see her crawl she is always walking.

Ari and I have officially decided that Maayan has said her first word- "HI". For a while now she has been making a high-pitched noise that sounds like hi but now she is really saying it- even at the appropriate times.

She has gotten much better at hugging and kissing. If you ask her for a hug she will put her arms around you and if you ask for a kiss she will either put her cheek in front of your mouth for you to give her a kiss or she will touch her lips to your cheek- its pretty cute.

That’s all for now, I know there is much more but Im too tired to think- today was a long day at work.
Enjoy the pictures!

Monday, September 11, 2006

Happy Birthday Abba!!!

We have lots of pictures to post but Maayan insisted that we post some pictures for Ari's birthday. More to come this week...

Maayan found the pots and pans just in time to make a cake for Abba's birthday (and she was very excited about it!)

I'll just add this to my other cargo on my chair/walker

"Hey, this isnt my usual birthday sign...."

Maayan and Ari with their matching outfits- cute huh?

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Many small steps for Maayan, One giant leap for Lanie and Ari!

I know everyone has been clamoring for the elusive walking on video, so here you go! Its amazing how quickly she is progressing, it seems like every couple of hours she gets better and better at it. Before long we'll be regretting that she ever learned.