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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

My Trendy Sweater and My Booster

Maayan found my bandana and insisted on wearing it and every time it came off (which was pretty often) she brought it back to be put back on. It was very cute! Also, notice her cute, trendy sweater (Just like Aunt Arica)

Maayan taking care of Teddy and sharing her chicken with him.

When Maayan found her booster seat that we had out from Shabbos lunch she only wanted to sit in it to eat. She wouldnt sit in her high chair and wasnt too interested in sitting in the booster when its on a chair since it wasnt worth fighting with her here she is eating her dinner on the living room floor.


Last Sunday we took Maayan to Build-a-Bear Workshop. To decide which bear to get we let her hug all the bears on display to see which one she liked the best. This actaully worked- a few she outright rejected and there were 2 clear finalists- a bunny and a monkey. After a few more test hugs we decided on the bunny. Hes no replacement for teddy but hes getting some attention from Maayan. Im pretty sure that Ari and I had more fun than Maayan but she seemed to like the place and we liked that she couldnt ask us to buy her all the accessories that go with the bears! Here are a few pictures from the day.

Bedtime Stories

Maayan is very interested in sitting on normal sized furniture these days. Every night she needs to sit on the recliner by herself to read her bedtime stories. Ari is so proud that she likes his chair!
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Maayan loves her new musical tea set. She is very good at pouring tea and sharing with everyone including her teddy and "baby" dolls. Thanks Balsams and Saltzmans!
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Chanukah is Fun!

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