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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

A Few Pictures...

Maayan's new kitchen from Saba and Savta.

yummm....cholocate cookies!

Doesnt she look like a teenager on the phone?!

Out for a walk with baby.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Shana Tova!

In the Kellman tradition (5766, 5767), here is our annual Rosh Hashanah picture.
We hope the new year is happy, healthy and successful for everyone!
Shana Tova U'Mitukah!!!

Monday, September 10, 2007

First Days of School (and some catch up)

I know we have lots of catching up to do but Im only going to start with last weekend b/c there is no way that Im going to remember much from before that. Last Shabbos we had lunch company and went to the park in the afternoon. On Sunday we were origionally planning to go to the Bronx Zoo but we decided that it would be really crowded b/c of the holiday weekend and b/c the weather was great. We decided to go to Woodbury Commons, an outdoor outlet mall. We did pretty well, of course Maayan got the most of the 3 of us. The best buy was Maayan's first pair of shabbos shoes--they were $20 at the Stride Rite outlet. She really likes them and when we got home I had to hide them and tell her that they are only for shabbos and yom tov.

Monday we got out pretty early and went out to Long Island to visit everyone who has moved there recently. Our first stop was at Dov and Arielle's for brunch. They really know how to make a good one, we highly recommend it! Miriam and Gabe and Ari and Leah (and Ilan) Feldman joined us. After we went to see Miriam and Gabe's house and then to one of the kosher stores (Gourmet Glatt). We did REALLY well there. All the meat and chicken are so much cheaper there so we really stocked up (we are now making really good use of our new freezer). We shouldnt have to buy any chicken or meat for a few months. Monday night Rona and Ira came over for dinner, as usual, Maayan was very excited to see them.

After 2 weeks of orientation, Tuesday was finally Ari's first day of school! I was a good wife and made him lunch and he seems to be enjoying it so far--possibly b/c he hasnt had much work yet. Since the following Friday was our babysitter's last day, I took Maayan to Dani's house to stay with him and his babysitter on Tuesday and Wednesday. They seemed to have had a good time together.

Thursday was Maayan's first day of daycare/school. She is now going to Renanim from 8:15am-6pm. Its a long day and I was a little worried that it would take her some time to adjust but she didnt care when I left the first day and when I came to pick her up the teacher said it was like she had always been there---Thank G-d! She was excited to go back on Friday and on Shabbos morning she asked if she was going to school and seemed a little disappointed when I told her no, we dont go on shabbos. She then looked and me and said "Sunday?" Who knew she had any clue what Sunday was--it might have just been a lucky guess but it was cute.
Ok, back to Friday...Maayan went to sleep fine (after her new stalling tactics..."I need pretzels", no milk, I need to put it away", "I want milk", "more books", "no sleep"--you get the idea). Ari and I had just finished eating dinner and were being entertained by the new Hammacher Schlemmer catalog- there are some really random and weird things in there, when we heard "Mommmmmmmy!"Since she was really screaming and doesnt usually get up at night, I went in to find a completely awake Maayan at 9:15pm. It took until about 10:30 to get her to go back in her crib. Even though it was a little annoying that she got up, she was being very cute so it made it a little easier to be patient with her (it also helped that I hadnt been woken up). You would think that after being up at night she would have slept late right?--Nope! She got up at 6:45. Ari and I took turns being up with her until he went to shul. Maayan and I went to shul later on and after we went to lunch in our building. Maayan was really tired and Ari took her for a walk to get her to nap, she fell asleep really fast and we all napped. She woke up after less than an hour and then asked to come to see Ari. She came in our bed, which she never does and fell back asleep and ended up sleeping until 6:30! Three hour naps for everyone! I have no clue the last time that happened.

On Sunday morning Maayan and I did laundry, Im going to have to get used to that now that we dont have a babysitter. It was pretty painless and luckily it seems that no one else in the building is up at 8am doing laundry so that made things easier. When Maayan used to do laundry with our babysitter she would give Maayan the cup of quarters to help her with and now she is obsessed with quarters! She is always asking for them to put in her little toy "purse". Its cute but Im sure we have lost a few dollars already! We have tried to give her nickles but she seems to know the difference and gives them back for quarters--smart kid.
After we finished the laundry I took Maayan to the park so Ari could do some work. We had a good time but it was pretty warm out so we were home after only an hour. We came home to get Ari and we went to Toys 'r us to finally get Maayan her birthday present from Saba and Savta, a kitchen. She was so excited about it and couldnt wait for Ari to put it together. Today she called Savta to thank her and she said, "Thank you birthday Maayan kitchen". Not exactly correct but close enough.

Maayan went to school today and when I picked her up she was so busy playing that she didnt want to leave--I just kept reminding her that I would bring her back tomorrow and she was finally ok with leaving.
Oh, a funny story that her teacher told me...she is always playing by the baby dolls and the kitchen (shes so girly, isnt she?!) and the kitchen has a coffee pot and one day Maayan heard her say she needed coffee and now when the teacher comes in Maayan picks up the coffee pot and asks her if she wants coffee. One other story and then I think Im all caught up...Tonight, Ari was still at school when I was getting Maayan ready for bed. He called to say he was on his way home and Maayan wanted to talk to him and when she took the phone from me she said, "Abba, come home" was really cute but also a little sad.
Ok, thats all Ive got for now...Im way too tired to post pictures tonight but I will try before Rosh Hashanah.
Shana Tovah to everyone!