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Saturday, July 29, 2006

Who doesn't love a good bottle of basil or sesame seeds?!

so cute in her new shoes

Maayan trying on her first pair of shoes

we just thought this picture was funny

"I'll be Dora and you be Boots"

ummm Moshe, I think you got a little wet

Fun with Abba at Universal Studios (when it finally stopped raining)

Just relaxin' with a bottle

My arm fits in here perfectly- excellent!

Maayan was happy that Saba and Savta have a big anniversary coming up- she had a great time in Florida!

Maayan played with Saba while the rest of us went on a ride and Saba was still smiling when we came back.

Maayan's second nap in Disney World

Get off the road...Jordy's driving

All pink all the time- this must be Minnie's House

Maayan's first ride on the carousel

Maayan enjoying her first nap in Disney World!

this picture is almost a month old...oops

"Let me just send this email then I'll go to sleep..."

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Its time for a big update since I’ve been really bad about posting.
I started working last Monday and so far its going well. It’s really nice to work close to home- (its about a 5 minute drive) and everyone is really nice. Maayan has been really good with our babysitter, Cathy. They go to the park at least once a day and have made friends with a 10 month old girl who Cathy says Maayan likes to play with (I think that means she likes to try to touch her face, I don’t really think there is actually any “playing” involved). In yet another proof that the Jewish world is very small, this little girl's mom went to High School with Ari.

At the park they have sprinklers for the kids to play in when its hot out and Cathy said Maayan wants to walk over there so I bought her her first pair of shoes- a cute pink pair of water shoes. When I put them on her she was a little confused and just kept bending over to touch them. It was so funny!

And now for the WMDN (what Maayan does now) section of the Blog:Cathy is teaching Maayan all kinds of new tricks. She can now kiss, though she's just cliking her tongue, it still REALLY cute. She's also taught her something from Trinidad called "Sweet Eyes". Its a little hard to explain, but basically it involves opening and closing her eyes really tightly, and its cute and new. She's also learned to dance, but unfortunately she has about as much rhythm as her parents. 'Dancing' means bouncing up and down. In fact, its pretty much the same thing she does when you ask her to jump. Lately she's gotten really good at playing peek-a-boo using the coffee table. And in the biggest news of all, Maayan can stand on her own without holding on. Not for very long, but hey, its a start. Before long, she'll be walking, and boy will we be sorry!

Maayan has continued to make trouble in the apt. it seems like everyday she learns how to open another cabinet or reach something she’s not supposed to touch- amazing considering how short she is.

Thats about it for now, pictures to come...

Friday, July 07, 2006

Maayan "helping" us unpack

nice and dry

"Mommy, come and get me out of here!"

"Hey, this water isn't as warm as my tub"

Maayan getting ready for her first swim!

Maayan's first bath in the big tub!

and s-t-r-e-t-c-h.........