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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Ari Graduates!

On Wednesday (May 13th) Ari had the NYU all university graduation with about 15,000 other people. There was really no reason for me to go since it would be a big schlep and I wouldn't even see him. Ira did meet Ari there, I think more b/c it was at the new Yankee Stadium than that it was his graduation. It was kinda warm out and after they graduated the business school Ari came home.

That night I had a girls night out so Ari stayed home with Maayan and Eliora by himself for the first time. Everyone did fine and Ari even got Eliora to take a whole bottle.
On Thursday Ari got Maayan to school and then we got ready for our long day. Graduation was at Radio City Music Hall and Ari had to be there at 1:45. I picked Maayan up from school a little before 1 and got her changed into a dress which she was pretty excited about since every day she asks to wear one. For the first time in a VERY long time, I was actaully early! We got to Rona and Ira's to pick them up about 20 minutes before I had planned. We waited in line to get into Radio City for about a half hour. Eliora was sleeping most of the time and Maayan ate some snacks and was entertained by Bubby, Grandpa and Saba who had met us there. When we got into graduation, I handed over my ipod and kids headphones to Maayan since that was going to be her entertainment for the next 3 hours. Luckily, she was really excited about it and spent most of the time watching her shows. I think its really cute that she knows how to use the ipod without anyone teaching her, good job Apple! The best part was that she would notice that people were clapping and then she would start to clap but it was often after everyone else had stopped. Eliora ate and slept only for a few minutes, the rest of the time she was happily passed between, Saba, Bubby, Grandpa and Uncle Michael. Of the 800+ people who graduated Ari's block was the first to be called up so we didn't have to wait too long to hear his name. Maayan heard his name but was a little upset that she couldn't see him but got over it when we told her the important part was hearing the name. After a while Ari came back to our seats and took Maayan up to where he was sitting so he could show her off.

A little before 6, Ira and Rona left with Maayan since we had a 6:00 reservation at Clubhouse Cafe and Jenny would be there any minute (graduation was scheduled until 5). The rest of us waited for graduation to be over and then walked over to the restuarant. Dinner was good and Eliora was nice enough to sleep the entire time. Unfortunately that night didn't exactly help our quest to get Maayan to be around 7 but we did get her to sleep pretty fast once we got home. It was a long day, but very nice and we are all very proud of Ari.

Not a big surprise, we overslept on Friday morning so Maayan got to school even later than usual. After Ari got Maayan to school Ari, Eliora and I made our last trip to Costco to get the remaining few things on our list for the simchat bat on Sunday (more on that later). Ari had something at Accenture in the afternoon and I cooked for shabbos. Shabbos was pretty quiet, it was the first week since Eliora was born that Maayan didn't go to shul with Ari and she waited until Eliora and I were ready. We got there before it was over which was an accomplishment and ended up hanging out for a little bit after since we were in no rush to get home. In the afternoon Maayan played with a friend in the building.

Sunday morning, Ari played softball and then got home in time to take Maayan over to the RJC for sports and bring the first bunch of stuff over for the simchat bat. He ended up hanging out there until sports was over and before he and Maayan got home my dad arrived followed shortly by my mom who had just come in for the day. Ari and my dad went to get the balloons we had ordered. It was realy windy out and when they got to shul the 8 bunches of balloons were now all tangled and we had 2 big bunches. My dad stayed at shul to start setting up and then spent about 20 minutes trying to get them apart without getting too far. A little bit later, my mom, Maayan, Eliora and I got to shul to continue setting up the food (Thanks Mom and Abba for all your help!) and then Ari came and decided that he would just cut apart the balloon bunches and re-tie them so that took a little while. The party was really nice and apparrently people eat a lot less than we had expected and we had a lot of food leftover!
Since we were so busy enjoying ourselves at the party we didn't really have a chance to take many pictures so once Rona sends us the pictures she took I'll post them.

After the Simchat Bat was over, we had to find new things to occupy our time, so we spent most of the week running errands. Returning the extra stuff from the party that we didn't need. Since most days we didnt get out until late morning/early afternoon the days went by pretty quickly.

Since Im getting behind again with my posts this will have to do for now...more to come on the holiday weekend.


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