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Sunday, April 15, 2007

Pictures from Pesach

Here are some pictures to go with Ari's post about our pesach. Enjoy!

I've got my teddy and snacks, I'm all ready for the plane ride!

It even has my name, my mommy couldn't resist

Giving Bubby one of my excellent "nosey" kisses

Savta gets a kiss too!

Hey Saba, that tickles

I had so much fun playing with my friend Eliana

Luckily, Ethan and I overlapped in Chicago for a few hours and we got to play right before we left. It was fun to see the baby from the blog I watch.

I love to play with the baby that Bubby gave me especially since it means constantly asking my parents to put her hat back on and I know how much they love that!

Peyach, Matma, Mamor

Huh? Well, maybe I should back up a few steps...
When we last left off Pesach was fast approaching, and Maayan was talking up a storm. Maayan certainly hasn't stopped talking, in fact she seems to learn new words every day, and Pesach came and went. In anticipation of Peasch, Lanie and I (yes, you read that right, Ari is guest-blogging this entry) decided to teach Maayan about Pesach. The 'Mah Nishtana' is still at least a year away, but all you really need to fulfill the Mitzvah of Seder are the [Korban] Pesach, Matzah and Maror. And the title above is essentially Maayan's version.

Pesach was good, we spent the first days on the West Side at my parents. The Sedarim were fun, good-spirited affairs, the second more than the first. Thank you Bayers! And I'd probably hear about it if I didn't mention my Dad's extensive wine selection. Just ask him, he'll tell you all about it. The weather was cold and rainy on the first days, so the women barely made it outside, but with all those doting relatives, Maayan had a great time. Even skipping her nap one day!

After Yom Tov, Lanie, Maayan and I scurried back to Riverdale to unpack and re-pack for our trip to Chicago. Once we picked up our stroller from the gate check, unpacked it, and started towards the baggage carousel, Lanie noticed that one of the wheels didn't look right...almost immediately, it fell off, luckily we had 7 others, so it still worked. While I waited for our checked baggage, Lanie waited in line at baggage service to complain about our stroller being broken. When she finally spoke to someone, she was lucky to get a really nice woman, who explained that they don't normally cover stroller damage, but b/c we put it in a protective bag, it was covered. She gave us a loaner stroller which she said we could keep (a Maclaren Vollo, thanks!), and told us that United will also pay for the repair of our stroller.

Chicago was COLD. Maayan had a great time visiting with Bubby (Chicago variety), playing peek-a-boo with her, visiting the fish in the lobby, and playing with the Baby bubby gave her. I think it think Bubby was happy to see us, and even I was helpful in answering what had happened to Juan Pierre (Cubs ex-leadoff hitter).

We were hoping to get Maayan a passport while we were in Chicago since both parents need to be there with the kid, and this was a good chance, but oops, we forgot her birth certificate in NY. But we did manage to get Maayan new shoes. It was exciting, and Maayan was very well behaved this time when they measured her feet.

Saturday night, Lanie and I went bowling with Chani & Yehuda, Miriam & Gabe, and Sari & Noam. Good times were had by all. Though it was a late night for the old fogies among us. Sunday morning Chani came over with Eliana who played very nicely with Maayan.

Second days of Yom Tov, the weather was a little better, even to the point where Savta was able to take Maayan to their 'park' (read: backyard swing-set) for a little bit while Lanie and I got to nap, thanks Savta!

Wednesday, after Yom Tov, Shaina came over with Ethan, and Maayan had a great time giving him toys to play with. He's a real cutie, just check out HIS blog on our blgoroll (Shaina and Brad Sugar's Blog). The weather in Chicago was snowy and generally gross, and the 2 flights before ours were canceled, so we spent most of the morning worrying about our flight and wondering when/if we'd be able to go home. At about 11am, when United was still telling us that our 1:05 flight would be on time we decided that we'd better get to the airport. We made it just in time to check in, and made it to our gate in plenty of time, even though the stupid security people told us that we even had to take off Maayan's shoes (C'mon!). We boarded the plane at about take off time, and then proceeded to wait...and wait...and wait some more. We took off at about 3, and Maayan, who was desperate for a nap, just couldn't get comfortable, so she was pretty miserable until we took off and she finally fell asleep.

We FINALLY got home at about 7:15, and it felt good to be back.

That covers the update. Sorry its so long, but I don't write much so this was my chance to let it out!