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Thursday, March 30, 2006

I know its been longer than I said but we have had a busy few days. Sunday monrning we got all ready and packed up the zipcar to go meet our new niece/cousin Michal. Maayan was really good and slept the first half of the ride. We stopped a little past the halfway point at an outlet mall so we could stretch and Maayan could eat (the shopping was an added bonus). It was probably the smallest outlet mall I've ever seen but we did pretty well. Ari got a few ties and a shirt and Maayan got a winter coat (for next year)at LL Bean which retails for $55 and we got for $10. Michal also benefited from out trip- she got a matching coat and a very cute and tiny bathing suit. The rest of the ride was fine and we made pretty good timing. When we got to Lisa and Nafi's Maayan was sleeping and Moshe wasn't very happy about this since he was looking forward to seeing her. Her nap didn't last too long and everyone got to play. As you will see in the pictures Maayan really enjoyed playing with Meira and Moshe (and their toys)! On Monday I took Moshe to school which was really cute. He was very excited to show me his classroom and ran to play with his friends but he did come back to give me a hug when I left and Lisa tells me thats a big deal so I guess that means he like me. Ari spent a lot of Monday setting up Lisa and Nafi's new computer. When Meira came home from school we went to play outside and Maayan went in the baby swing she seemed to like it a little better than last time so we are making progress.

Tuesday Ari left really, really early to go to a meeting and Lisa, Moshe, Michal, Maayan and I went to Target. Maayan got a few really cute outfits for the summer and while we were there Ari called to tell me that his meeting ended early so when we got back to Lisa's I quickly threw the rest of our stuff together and we went to get Ari on the way home. The drive was a little longer than expected and Maayan had a few moments that weren't great but once we got Ari she was much happier.

Today is a beautiful day so Maaayan and I took a long walk and now shes being a good girl and taking her 3rd nap of the day so I have time to post. I think thats about it from here. Enjoy the pictures!


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