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Thursday, March 23, 2006

When we started this blog everyone seemed pleased with weekly updates. However, since Arica (who until a week ago we thought didn't have a camera) has something exciting to say on her blog EVERYDAY I'm starting to look bad. SO, I will make an effort to write a little something everyday or two (**please note that I'm not promising everyday)about what Maayan has been doing....Today began like most days recently at 6am! Not as bad as the days that started at 5:30 but I never thought I'd say this- I miss the days that started at 6:30! After Maayan ate she happily played/ watched Baby Bach all by herself while I watched her from the couch which is really nice in the mornings. After watching a little too much of Baby Bach and Baby Mozart we introduced Maayan to Baby Nepture which is now the favorite in the house. I think we must have watched it a half a dozen times today (the repeat play is a great invention). Today was a new food day for Maayan and she had an apricot/apple/pear mix which she loved (and I thought was pretty good too- I always try her food b/c I'm curious if its good or not). The other day we started palying "patty cake" after she eats and she has gotten really good at it! When I start to sing it she puts her hands up for me to tap, its really cute! Since today wasn't a great nap day Maayan was so tired and was in her crib sleeping by 7. I think thats about it for today, I hope this has made a few people happier. Sorry there aren't any pictures but I'll try to post some over the weekend.


At March 26, 2006 12:04 AM, Blogger Arica said...

Sorry for putting pressure on you! Although it is so much fun to have a little update! You don't even need to do it that often, it can even be weekly. Just a word of advice(which funny enough came from Ari)...use the spell check from the Google toolbar! Keep up the good work!


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