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Sunday, December 16, 2007

Chanukah Round-up and Beyond

Yes, as always, its been a long time....

The Sunday before Chanukah Maayan had a family chanukah party at school. It was cute, they had different stations set up to different art projects, she made (and by she, I mean I made and Maayan helped) a menorah, a mobile, a card that stands up with the brachot on it and a few other coloring things. We all had a good time.

Saturday night of Chanukah we went to Rona and Ira's for the Kellman family chanukah party.

We all had a good time and Maayan got lots of good presents--she is still playing with them a week later so they must be good! Maayan got a special present from her Bubby, she got a pearl necklace that was Rona's when she was little. She was very excited about it and will get to wear it when she gets older.

Tuesday Maayan had a class party at school for the parents. It was really cute. They mainly sang songs and danced. Apparently they had been practicing since Thanksgiving and I was really impressed that Maayan knew the songs and all the motions that went along with them. My favorite was the latke making song which even had pretend potatoes and graters.

I guess that was most of our chanukah excitement. Maayan isnt really old enough to ask for presents every night so we got away with only giving her presents a few of the nights (and those were things we had for her but had taken away a while ago b/c she wasnt old enough--its a new kind of re-gifting, creative huh?!)

Wednesday there was a lot of talk about a big storm coming here. Im always a little skeptical, especially since when people here talk about a lot of snow it usually ends up being about 3 inches. Thursday morning there was no snow but when I brought Maayan to school there was a sign that said that b/c of the predicted storm they wanted all the kids picked up by 4. It started to snow around 10ish and they decided to let the kids at SAR out at 12:45 since it was so icy and the school is on a hill. I ended up leaving work at about 2 and went to get Maayan around 3. Then we walked to the Grinfelds where Maayan had fun playing with Dani for a couple of hours which left Ari alone at home to study for his final.

Friday morning Maayan was weezing and I didnt want to send her to school like that so we went to the doctor yet again (The doctor has reassured me that while we are there quite often, Maayan isnt her most frequent patient). Thank G-d Maayan is good while we are there, otherwise it would just be miserable. After a few nebulizer treatments she told us that Maayan does in fact have asthma and we are going back there tomorrow morning to find out what we have to do now. She is definitely doing better than she was on Friday. Her coughing was so bad that she threw up 3 times on Friday just from coughing--and yes, every time I was lucky enough for it to be on me--I think this is some kind of payback for me always throwing up on my parents when I was younger.

Shabbos was quiet, we went to shul and then late in the afternoon Maayan and I fell asleep on the couch until shabbos was almost over. Last night I was really productive and did laundry and cleaned up the kitchen which made things easier today. Ari went to school to study today and Maayan and I hung out here for a while and then we went to Sari and Noam's where Maayan "played" with Meital for a couple of hours and then Rona and Ira came here for dinner.

I dont remember where this fits it but for a while now Maayan has been singing some song but we havent been able to figure it out until I asked her teacher and we found out that its part of the clean up song they sing at school...

(in case you couldnt understand that, shes saying"I like, I like the way, Maayan is cleaning up..." By the way, she askes to sweep, we dont make her do it!

I know I must have missed a bunch of things but the important part is that Im up to date with pictures.

*sorry the videos are sideways, Im not sure how to flip them


At December 19, 2007 3:07 PM, Blogger Arica said...

Was the tongue work part of the show or was that Maayan's special addition? Loved the videos!!!


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