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Sunday, October 28, 2007

How was your day Abba?

Today I was planning on going with Maayan to the Adler bris but she has a bad cold so I decided against it. Instead we did a lot of laying on the couch watching tv. Because of the cold her voice is horse and its really hard to figure out what shes saying. This morning she kept asking me for something and it took about 10 times of me asking her (and some tears- hers not mine) if she wanted milk to figure out that she wanted her pillow. It was pretty sad. After she was a little more awake we went downstairs to do laundry. Since we dont have a babysitter to do our laundry I try to get it done every Sunday morning when there arent many people using the laundry room. Maayan really likes to help with the quarters and shes pretty good at getting them in the machines. After Maayan and I finished with the laundry Ari had to go to school to take his accounting midterm (yes, on a Sunday). We had made plans to get together with Sari, Noam and Meital but because of Maayan's cold we had to cancel. After finally getting Maayan to take off her sandals which she found again today and agreeing to wear her gym shoes we got in the car to go to look for a winter coat for Maayan and go to the grocery store (another one of our regular Sunday trips—Ive been really good about planning dinners for the week on Sunday and then buying everything so I dont need to go to the store everyday for a few things—its much better this way). After driving for about 2 minutes Maayan was sleeping, luckily I brought a magazine so when we got to the store I read until she woke up from her nap. No luck with the winter coat but I did get her 2 winter outfits. She was pretty good at the grocery store, helping put (and by put I really mean throw) things in the cart, putting vegetables into bags and of course her favorite, paying! When we got home Ari was home and Maayan was really excited to see him. Ari was sitting at the table and Maayan came up to him and said “How was your day Abba?”. It was really cute! She then proceeded to come up to him about a dozen more times tonight to ask him the same question, probably because she knew we thought it was cute. She seemed to be feeling a little better tonight so hopefully she will be fine in the morning otherwise I will be staying home with her tomorrow.

I hope to post some pictures soon--check back.


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