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Monday, October 29, 2007

Sick Day

Unfortunately Maayan wasnt much better this morning so I stayed home with her. Most of the morning was spent lying on the couch, playing with puzzles and her kitchen. We went to the doctor and since they were squeezing us in we ended up waiting for about an hour. I guess lots of people have sick kids on Mondays. Well, its a good thing we went b/c Maayan has an ear infection in both of her ears. On Shabbos morning Maayan told Ari that she had “a boo boo in her ear” but hasnt said much about it until today when we were waiting for the doctor. I guess this means we can trust what she tells us. While we were waiting she told me she wanted to make on the toilet so I quickly took her and this was the first time we have been in a public bathroom that she has actaully gone. Usually she sees the bathroom and says “yucky” and refuses to go—we must be getting somewhere with the toilet training (most days she will go at least once at school and once at home). After the doctor we came home for a little bit then went back out to pick up a presecription. Of course in the 3 minute drive to CVS she fell asleep in the car so I just picked her up and took her in and amazingly she didnt wake up until right before the presecription was ready but in all she only slept about 25 minutes for the day. When we came home again she was pretty miserable. She kept touching her ear and crying and getting really upset at little things like when I left her cup of water in the kitchen. When I gave her motrin again tonight she was like a totally dfferent kid—she actually wanted to eat something, wanted to play and was running around. The doctor said she should stay home again tomorrow so it looks like I will be home from work again (unfortunately this doesnt mean I dont have to do work, it just means its more diffucult). Hopefully we will be back to normal schedules on Wednesday.
Good night.


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