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Monday, July 09, 2007

...almost forgot

See, I knew I'd forget stuff. After I posted last night I realized that I totally forgot to mention Maayan's pillow! We'd noticed that Maayan was often using her Teddy as a pillow, and after looking a LOT of different places, Lanie finally found a website that was selling toddler pillows with cute pillowcases. Maayan loves fish, and making fish faces. She'll even correct you if you try doing it, telling you you're doing it wrong!
The pillow took a long time to come, and we were even nervous that the site had absconded with our money, but it finally came, and Maayan looks like SUCH a big kid using it. I apologize, but my attempts at low light photography to get a picture didn't work so well this time, so a picture will have to come later.


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