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Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Its been a while...

As usual I need to update since its been a little while....

Maayan's vocabulary has been expanding and while some words are a little hard to understand since she can't pronounce the letters S, Z, C, and L very well its really nice to know what she wants and doesn't want. She has been going to her gym classes and music classes every week and really likes both of them. Our babysitter, Shervanne tells us that she is the star of the class and she is always such a good helper. She gives out the instruments in music and then goes and takes them from people when its time to clean up. Its funny to hear her sing the clean up song b/c it sounds like "kekup, kekup, everybody...." (which is also how she says kippah..hmmmmm). Today at gym class when they played with the parachutte, the teacher asked the kids what their favorite colors are and Maayan said apple and then pointed to the red patch and said "red" -I was really impressed, I had no clue she knew any of the colors and its funny b/c she usually eats yellow apples, not red ones. She also really likes the popping bubbles part of class...

Since its has been nice out Maayan has been spending a lot of time at the park. She likes to play ball with her friends and take her stroller and "baby" (thank you Bubby Gladys) for walks. She also LOVES the slide (see video). Our favorite part of the video is when Maayan directs the traffic after she has gotten off the slide.

When Ari and I take her to the park on Shabbos she makes me hold her hand to climb up the steps to the slide and then has Ari hold her hand when she sits down to slide. I guess she just likes the extra attention b/c now we know she can do it alone. What a big kid (and a bit of a con artist).

We reported before pesach that Maayan can now have soy and she has started to drink the soy milk a little more. She replaced 2 of her formula bottles today with soy milk and didnt seem to mind. We are very excited since soy milk is a lot cheaper and smells a lot better than alimentum. I also bought her fake cheese which she wasnt so into at first but over the past few days she has really started to eat a lot of.

We had a busy day on Sunday, first we went to the Salute to Israel Day Parade. We usually go for a long time and towards the 2nd half of the day but Ari had a Rangers hockey playoff game at 2 so we went at 11:30 and stayed until a little after 1. Maayan had fun seeing lots of people and waving her Israeli Flag (luckily all of our eyes are ok)! While Ari was at the game, Maayan and I went to meet Maayan's newest friend, Meital Wittlin (Sari and Noam's daughter). Maayan was happy to see the baby and entertain everyone for a while. On the way home I decided to stop at the grocery store, which isnt something I usually do with Maayan but she was SO good. She sat in the cart the whole time eating raisins,pointing out things she would see on the shelves and trying to help me put things in the cart.

Taking care of "Baby" (yes, thats her official name)

Saba will be so proud

Fun at the Israel Day Parade

Two weeks ago Bubby came for shabbos since Grandpa was in Israel and Maayan had tons of fun with her. They got to play together again on Sunday while Ari was at a hockey game.


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