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Monday, November 06, 2006

15 Months Old!

I just looked to see when my last post was and I see that we are very behind. I will attempt to catch up.

Last week we went to Chicago since Arica, Josh and kids were in from Israel. Since Ari had a meeting on Thursday, Maayan and I flew in the morning by ourselves and Ari joined us in Chicago at night. Luckily when we got to the gate I asked if it was a full flight and the gate agent was nice enough to save the seat next to me for Maayan. It was so nice for her to have her own space to sit especially b/c we were delayed an hour and a half once we were on the runway. I also had brought the portable dvd player and Baby Einstein with for her to watch. I’m not sure which she liked better- actually watching the dvd player or opening and closing it. For the whole 3 ½ hours we were on the plane she was upset for about 10 minutes so I was very happy with her!

We had a really good time in Chicago. On Thursday, Arica, Maayan and I went to Lincolnwood Town Center. Maayan had a really good time running around in the Children’s Place while I attempted to find some clothes for her. I think she liked that she could reach most things and that Arica was chasing her around.
Thursday night we ordered from Kens and Maayan had a really good time playing with Danya and Jordy. Unfortunately Ari’s flight was also delayed and he didn’t get in until after 10 at night.
On Friday, Maayan and I went to visit Bubby and then went to have a little play date with Shaina and Ethan. Maayan had fun playing with Ethan’s toys and there were only a few attempts at touching Ethan’s face.
Shabbos was nice and pretty quiet. We went to shul and the Sugar’s came over for lunch. After walking them partway home Maayan fell asleep and we all got to take shabbos naps.
Sunday, Arica, Josh and kids were going back to Israel so we all had brunch at my parent’s house. In the afternoon Maayan had a play date with Eliana Isenberg-it was such a difference from the last few times they “played” together. They have gotten so big and they actually played this time. It was very cute.

This past week was a quiet one, nothing too exciting happened. Maayan has a cold which she has shared with Ari and me so we had a quiet shabbos at home. Maayan fell asleep in her crib for her nap (which doesn’t happen too often) which lasted from 12:30-3pm on shabbos afternoon so all 3 of us had nice, long naps and ate lunch at 3. Since shabbos was over at 5:30 this really made the day go by fast!
Maayan has been playing with a small box of spices that we have yet to really unpack. Its pretty funny. She likes to shake them and takes them out of the box, puts them back in, dumps the box out…you get the idea. Sometimes she likes to give them (one at a time) to someone to hold and then when they are all unpacked she comes and collects them one at a time.
Yesterday we went to Costco and when we got home Maayan was trying to help us put things away, she was very interested in helping so Ari had her put away a few small things (not easy since most things are huge at Costco). To show use just how strong she is she picked up a 6 pack of tuna cans- she didn’t get very far with them but she seemed proud that she was able to pick them up.
Last night Rona and Ira came over for dinner and brought their shabbos leftovers- it was good for everyone, we didn’t have to make dinner and now they don’t have to eat the same thing all week! Maayan had fun playing and when I went to put her to sleep she tried to follow Rona out of her room but she was so exhausted she just rolled over in her crib when I put her in.

I have about 200 pictures on the camera, I hope to take them off tonight and post some pictures.


At November 08, 2006 3:18 PM, Blogger Arica said...

Hooray!! An update!!! Lisa was just complainig about your blog(I think i am getting myself in trouble here). That'll show her!


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