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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

I know it has been a long time since the last post. Here is a recap of the past 2 weeks:

The night before Pesach we left for Chicago. Maayan was really good on the plane and slept most of the time. Erev Pesach was spent running some errands and visiting with Bubby. The first days of Pesach were nice and pretty quiet. Since the weather was really nice Maayan went in the swing at Saba and Savta’s “park” and we took a few long walks around the neighborhood.

Over Shabbos Ari, Maayan and I all got colds so we spent most of Sunday at home resting. The Isenberg’s came over in the afternoon and Maayan and Eliana played very nicely.

On Monday we went to the Museum of Science and Industry. It was Maayan’s first trip to a museum and she was happy in her stroller most of the time. Tuesday we got to the Eddie Bauer outlet and the Land’s End Inlet where we got some good deals. For the second days, Arica, Josh, Danya and Jordy joined us. Danya and Jordy seemed to like Maayan- at least most of the time. Danya was really good at feeding Maayan. Friday the weather was beautiful again and we went to Old Orchard. On Shabbos, Shaina and Brad came for lunch and stayed for a little while to play scrabble. Since it was a really nice day again we walked them home. I think this might have been the longest stretch of good weather that Chicago has had in years! After shabbos we were supposed to go out with Arica and Josh but Jordy didn’t want to sleep at Josh’s parents so instead we picked up dinner at Slice and went to their house. After we ate we played a fun game- Arica would find random stuff they have had for years and decide what it was/where it came from/ why they still have it/ and if they would throw it out- Ari and I thought it this was fun- especially since it wasn’t our stuff to get rid of!

Sunday was the end of our long visit- we finished packing and brought lunch to Bubby’s on the way to the airport. Of course when we got to the gate they said we were boarding on time and then going to sit on the runway for an hour! Once we were on the runway they said it was going to be an hour and a half, to put it nicely, we were not pleased! Five minutes later they said we were cleared for takeoff and everyone on the plane was so excited (I’m convinced they make up the long wait to have ppl. happy about being only a little late) In the end we only got in a half hour late and Maayan was really good. That’s about it for our pesach/Chicago trip. I will post pictures soon, there are a bunch!


At April 26, 2006 11:43 AM, Blogger Arica said...

Thank you! BTW-Since Saturday night I haven't stopped with the game of what is it, where did it come from, what am I doing with it...I am selling a lot on eBay these days!


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